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A group of anonymous donors have pledged $40,000 in matching funds-- doubling the value of your contribution up to $40k.

Help us turn $40,000 into $80,000 by giving before year end!  Summer Stars is 100% free to all participants.

Economically disadvantaged city kids often have few successful experiences. They may not have positive role models. They may not have been exposed to others like them, who see a future for themselves. And they may not be getting the experience of success in school.


We believe that success breeds success – that is, helping a child to take creative risks, work hard, and succeed teaches them what success looks and feels like.

Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts provides kids ages 12 –17, from economically disadvantaged families, with an opportunity to discover themselves and their potential through the arts.


Through risk-taking and artistic commitment, children develop essential character and life skills: confidence, creativity, problem solving, leadership and team building. These skills will lead these children down any path in life they dream to pursue.

The Camp Experience:


Transportation, meals, lodging and the Camp experience are provided to campers at at no charge.


Students spend 9 days in a stunning rural Massachusetts setting with 150 campers, performing arts teachers and professionals in the field. On the penultimate night of camp, their training comes together in a 90-minute show in front of 500 guests in a state-of the-art theater. 


Summer Stars is also developing a teacher training program to nurture performing arts teachers and help spread our unique teaching methodology.

Changing Kids Lives Since 2000

A World of Possibility

We’ve shown over 2000 kids what success looks like for them and given them tools to take it back to their “real lives.” Participants and their families do not pay for Summer Stars. By providing scholarships to these kids, you are unlocking their potential and opening up a world of possibilities. Our annual goal is to serve 150 economically disadvantaged kids. Your support is critical to reaching that goal.

"Growing up in a city neighborhood like mine was kind of hard for me, because you had to fit in. But at camp, I could totally be myself. Camp changed my life."

The Program

Founded in 2000, Summer Stars’ flagship program is a 10 day camp that brings together underserved students ages 12-17 with a talented staff of performers, counselors, and guest artists. Summer Stars Camp is often the first time these young people leave behind their difficult circumstances to discover their own talents, learn to express their own voices, and be taken seriously.







For information about giving to Summer Stars, applying to camp, or press inquiries:

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