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Join Hundreds of Summer Stars Donors and Partners

The Summer Stars Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that relies entirely on your donations to operate. 

Thank you to our donors, past and present. You have changed hundreds of kids' lives.

Sonic Boom Foundation

William P. Anderson Foundation

Disney and Alan Horn

Britney Spears Foundation

50 Cent’s G-Unity Foundation

Joey Bada$$

Jonas Brothers

Michele E Dufault Foundation

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Rockland Charitable Trust

South Shore Playhouse Associates



Melanie and ​Grenville Anderson

Rene Berneche

Balbina Cardoso

Savannah Cardoso*

Anne Cheung

Richard Del Vecchio

Eli Dias*

Diane Dufault

Maggie Dugan and Tim Dunne

Ellen Dunne

Jennifer Fallon

Diane and Reg Foucar-Szocki

Kevin Feige

Karen Firestone-Roderick

Donald Golini

Robert Goodell

Sarah Heard

Katherine Heusner

Susanna Jacobus

Deborah and Steve Kokinos

George Kokinos

Charlotte Kells

Theary Khun

Alejandra Lombardo

Anki Lund and Karl Iagnemma

Donna Milani Luther and Chick Luther

Mel McDivitt

Joseph McGlinchey

Kelly McKenzie

Declan McMullen

Adele Milani

Jasmine Muhammad*

​New City Foundation

Adesuwa Onaghinor*

Vinay Pai

Maureen and Thad Palmer 

Craig Polley

Nancy Purdy

Sarahlynn Rith and Seihak Pond-Mao

Bob and Lisa Rivers

Jill and Mitch Roberts

Kelly Russo

Adam Sank

Sank Family Foundation

Mark Savan

Allie and Nathan Scherich

Linda and Henry Scherich

William Shephard

Danielle Slavin

Debbie Smith and Steve Stockman 

Shelley and Tom Sommer

Lloyd Soppe

Walt Stevenson

Madeleine Steczynski

Michael Stockman

Beverly and Irving Swedko

Jim Taylor

Miryam Vesset and Kristen Zotolli

Serena Walker*

Gloria Williams

Richard Wilson

Lori Whiting

Derek Yoo

Matt Zhang



Our tax ID number is 20-2922979

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